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          Quartz Kitchen Countertop

          Product :   Quartz kitchen countertop

          Material :  Quartz stone

          Popular size :  Kitchen countertop: 24"x96", 26"x96", 28"x96", 28"x108", etc.

                          Countertop Peninsula: 36"/39"/28" x 78", etc.

                          Countertop Island: 66"/84"/86" x 42", etc.

                          Countertop Snack Bar: 12"/15"/18" x 78", etc.

                          Bathroom Vanity: 25"/31"/37"/49"/60" x 22", etc.

                          Thickness: 2cm, 2cm+2cm, 3cm, etc.

          Edges Profile : Full Bullnose, Half bullnose, Ogee Edge, Dupont, Edge, Beveled processed and polished or others.

          Packing : Countertops padded with foamed plastic and packed in fumigated wooden crates, reinforced with metal strapsoutside.

          Popular Countertop Edges profile